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3D Assemblages

Welcome to my mixed media assemblages.  These works are often built off 30" x 40" canvases.  They incorporate a variety of found, recycled and created objects and always include a personal item. Whether the themes are nostalgic in nature, address a current social figure or climate, my work is unique and falls in an undefined genre of there own.


_Boob Tube_

Boob Tube - Mixed Media old television. This 3D assemblage is built off a 30"x40" canvas.  Reminiscent of  Zenith's 1949 giant circle screen TV.  Inspired by the nostalgia of watching Saturday morning cartoons and probably waiting for a TV dinner!

Dimensions  46"x30"x4.5"                            Available $2,200


                                Howdy Chic


Inspired by the packs of Chiclets tiny size candy coated gum that I use to open then empty the entire contents into my mouth!

Here is a painted canvas assemblage commemorative of that simpler youthful time including needle felted gum!

Mixed media canvas assemblage: 30" x 40" x 4"


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Sold   $1100

Walter White-Breaking Bad Character 3D C
Walter White -detail

Walter White - Mixed Media Netflix Breaking Bad character.  Assemblage technique is inspired by renown artist, Marisol Escobar.

It incorporates the main character from the Breaking Bad Netflix series that was incredibly binge worthy!

Dimensions  46"x40"x4.5"                                                         Sold

Iconic Decade-3D Canvas Assemblage-Mixed
Copy of _Iconic Decade_

Iconic Decade - Mixed Media iconic people of 1960 tribute.  Iconic Decade incorporates Andy Warhol (Pop Art flare), Marisol Escobar (1960 portrait) and Jacqueline Kennedy (infamous pink suit).  Built on and off a 30"x40" canvas. 

Dimensions  68"x30"x 2.5"                                 Private Collection

RBG resized.jpg
RBG Ben Day portrait.jpeg

Ruth Bader Ginsberg - Mixed media, supreme court justice.  This assemblage is built onto and off a 30"x40" canvas. The portrait is cut from plank wood that has been painted with acrylic using a Ben Day process.  Chair backing is upholstered and wraps around the side. The robe and wooden gavel are authentic.  Hands are made from lifecasted alginate and sport a pair of vintage crochet gloves holding a 10" vintage wooden gavel and the collar (Jabot), my grandmother made.  The painted canvas background is covered with unique RBG quotes. 

Dimensions 40.5"x32.5"x6"                             SOLD

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