My soft sculptures are created through the process of needle felting. Different from wet felting that uses water and soap, needle felting is a "dry" process.  The roving (wool) becomes felted when its fibers become entangled and meshed together using various needles with barbs that work to tangle the wool each time they are passed through the bundle of wool.  Combining different mediums with my needle felted work allowed me to create unique large pieces (often 10 times larger than the original subject) with Pop art flare.  Inspiration for my pieces are drawn from  Andy Warhol and Claes Oldenburg and are often related to nostalgic themes.

Banana Bondage

This extra large needle felted sculpture pays homage to artist Maurizio Cattelan's  'Comedian'   from the 2019 Art Basel Miami exhibition. The story goes that the masterpiece (a real banana duct taped to the wall) sold for $120,000!

The absurdity of this sale has prompted a stream of like minded artists to get in on the fun. The actual needle felted banana measures 4'3" and is attached to a 60" x 48" texture painted canvas but don't be afraid to inquire on the price, it's available for much less than $120,000!

                                                                                                                                                      Available    $5,200                            

Necco Wafers

Inspired by the New England Confection Company's (NECCO) closing and concept of creating large scale nostalgic soft sculpture candy installations.

This mixed media needle felted soft sculpture is created 10 times larger than the product's actual size.  Measuring 22''x15'' its orientation can be either vertical or horizontal, allowing the wafers to cascade from the roll!


                            Available  $1,690

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