Olan Mills Portrait Series

These palette knife oil paintings feature the vintage characters Howdy Doody, Charlie McCarthy and Felix the cat.  The inspiration to create an Olan Mills portrait series came after repetitive rearrangement of the actual wooden dolls while trying to create a still life.  This three children (doll) configuration reminded me of the days when families sat for the infamous Olan Mills family portrait.  Although these paintings have been sold, commissions from this series are available. If interested, contact me at for more information.

                Vintage Character Portraits


Selfie was painted using watercolor and gouache on Khadi paper.  Khadi paper is a rag paper that can take a lot of abuse when lifting color and scrubbing.  The original painting was sold to a private collector but giclee prints are available in the same dimensions as the original painting.

Giclee print image dimensions are 24" x 15" with a one inch border.                                                



This palette knife oil is painted on a panel board.  It is the first in an upcoming series that will capture Norman Rockwell like themes.

                            Dimensions: 24" x 18"

                         Private Collection of the Artist

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