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Sepia Watercolor Series

Original Paintings

The Sepia Watercolor "Series" paintings are inspired by vintage family photographs.  Each painting captures their character and/or their "antics" from a moment in time and become a permanent presence thru painting.  Since the process (labor of love) to create these paintings are so detailed and time consuming, only one or two (besides commissions) are painted yearly.  The decision to use sepia tones is in keeping with the way vintage photographs were processed, preserving that rich fine quality.  This unique style of painting in a tightly rendered fashion is often described as photo realistic, although the photos are used only as a reference.


A Sepia Watercolor painting is a wonderful way to create a permanent presence of a loved one in your home.  They also make a wonderful gift for someone commemorating a special occasion.  For commission inquiries, please contact me via  The process involves choosing a photo that will translate well in sepia tones.  The painting dimensions are then determined based on the photo quality and detail.  Most images are painted 3-5 times larger than the original photo.  Once an image and its size has been agreed upon, a contract is made detailing cost and completion time.  Paintings that are 12' x 16" generally take 4-6 weeks to complete.

Giclée Prints

Giclée prints are high resolution reproductions of original work made using high quality archival inks.  They are a way of owning the fine art work without paying the "original work" price.   Each print is processed by scanning in the original Sepia watercolor painting, followed by the image being  printed using archival inks on watercolor paper, resulting in a reproduction as close to the original as feasibly possible.  My prints are reproduced in low editions (100) making them a very limited collection.  All Giclée prints are numbered and signed and come with a certificate of authenticity.


                                               A League of Their Own  - Sepia Watercolor

This sepia watercolor was the first painted in the series.  The inspiration for this painting came from a vintage family photo of my paternal grandmother (right), her sister (middle), and her sister-in-law (left).  This picture was from the 1920s and had been stored with may other photos in an old shoe box.  I loved the fact that my grandmother posing as the pitcher, sported a pair of patent leather shoes with bows no less! 

Dimensions  7.75" x 12.25"                                                                               Original - Private Collection


                                                                    Giclees available: $75.00

Porch Recliners 2015-07-24 001.jpg

       Smoking Hot Women - Sepia Watercolor

This painting inspired by a vintage photo of my maternal grandmother (back row, center) was taken in the mid 1930s with eight of her closest allies.  This painting was selected into the prestigious American Watercolor Society's (AWS) 149th exhibition in NYC.  The original painting has been sold to a private collector in Chicago.

Dimensions  17.75" x 10.25"         Private Collection

                 Giclees available: $145.00

              Ham Sandwich - Sepia Watercolor

This painting captures two of my great aunts on their farm in Quebec, Canada with their prize sow.  It was taken in 1946 and became a permanent reminder of a time when my relatives made their living as farmers.

Dimensions  15" x 9.5"                       Private Collection

                          Giclees available: $75.00

Porch Recliners_KAChenevert_watercolor_2

                 Porch Recliners  - Sepia Watercolor


I developed an old negative I found in my great uncle's dresser drawer taken in 1936.  He (middle) belonged to a boxing club in his home town and here he is posing with two of his club friends.  It's a great representation of the camaraderie experienced back in the day.  This watercolor is painted on an Ampersand Aquabord panel and does not require framing.

Dimensions 18" x 24"        Original available  $1,995.00

                         Giclees available: $145.00

Piano Keys Sepia Watercolor.jpeg

                 Piano Keys - Sepia Watercolor

This painting exhibited at Adler Gallery, a quaint Asheville, NC gallery that I curate.  This exhibition theme was titled Music.  I curated four shows in 2019 at Adler Gallery exhibiting an average of 12 artists per show.  Each show's theme is left to the artist's interpretation which always leads to a unique and diverse show. 


Piano Keys was sold to a private collector.


The sepia watercolors below are commissioned paintings.  They are of different families but they share a common bond and that is the permanent presence they create in each of their loved one's home.

Commission Portrait
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